MRes students

Steph is working on the Queensland Shark Control data examining the distribution of bull sharks

Justine McAndrews

Justine is improving the post-release survival of salmonids in Canada

Former MRes students

James Madden

James is figuring our how much memory survives metamorphosis from tadpoles to frogs

Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons

Joni was working on social interactions of short-tail stingrays in Jervis Bay.

Julianna Kadar

Julianna investigated activity patterns of Port Jackson sharks using accelerometry.

Samuel O'Neill

Sam was studying fish personality.

Louise Tosetto

Lou was investigating the effects of microplastics on marine ecosystems (trophic transfer
and behavioural changes).

Evan Byrnes

Evan was studying personality and cerebral lateralization in Port Jackson sharks.

Jennalee Clark

Jenna was working on genetic and population structure of PJ sharks in Jervis Bay.

Michelle Jerry

Michelle was studying the direct energetic costs of sexual harassment in feral guppies.

Eduardo Gallo

Eduardo investigated bird communities on the Central Coast of NSW.

Jasmina Muhic

Jasmina studied behavioural responses of grey-headed flying fox to temperature variability.

Former Hons students

Renae Hocking

Renae studied platypus vision.

Eleanor Irving

Eleanor was investigating guppy personalities, laterality and dispersal.

Heather Baldwin

Heather worked on relatedness and social behaviour in grey headed flying foxes.

Diana Magat

Diana studied cerebral lateralization in Australian parrots.

Krystle Keller

Krystle investigated the effects of introduced fish on native fish.

Steph Snoyman

Steph worked on micro-habitat choice in grey-headed flying foxes.

Jennie Morgan

Jennie studied the interactions between introduced redfin and Macquarie perch.

Suzzi Artiss

Suzzi investigated brain and behaviour of Australian rainbowfish.

Vincent Raoult

Vince was working on social learning in mullaway.